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Transformative transatlantic experiences

Sea It All

Sailors can see both sides of the Atlantic on a journey of cross-continental exploration. As Virgin Voyages lady ships make their way from their respective homes in the Mediterranean and Caribbean to seek out the most pristine weather possible, Virgin Voyages will be charting new courses and stopping in brand new destinations along the way. 


  • Transatlantic Med to Miami

    Sailors will take to the sea with Virgin Voyages on a fifteen-night transatlantic sailing to welcome Valiant Lady to her winter home in the Caribbean. Heading out from Barcelona, your Sailors will visit Ibiza, Málaga (for an overnight stay), Cádiz, and Funchal — spending eight nights at sea before arriving on the shores of Miami.


    Day 1 Barcelona -Departs at 06:00 PM, All aboard 2 hrs before departure

    Day 2 Ibiza -Arrives at 08:00 AM, local time

    Day 3 Malaga -Arrives at 04:30 PM, local time

    Day 4 Malaga -Arrives at 10:00 PM, local time

    Day 5 Cadiz -Arrives at 08:00 AM, local time

    Day 6 Sailing

    Day 7 Funchal -Arrives at 08:00 AM, local time

    Day 8 Sailing

    Day 9 Sailing

    Day 10 Sailing

    Day 11 Sailing

    Day 12 Sailing

    Day 13 Sailing

    Day 14 Sailing

    Day 15 Sailing

    Day 16 Miami -Arrives at 06:30 AM



    • Day 1

      Miami Departs at 07:00 PM

    • Day 2


    • Day 5

      The Beach Club at Bimini Arrives at 09:00 AM

    • Day 6

      Miami Arrives at 06:30 AM

  • Transatlantic Miami to Med

    Sailors will sail with Virgin Voyageson a fourteen-night transatlantic sailing as Valiant Lady heads back to the Med after wintering in the Caribbean. Sailing from Miami, your Sailors will visit Bimini (with a midnight departure) and spend eight nights at sea — followed by stops in Lisbon and Cádiz before arriving in Barcelona.

    Day 1 Miami -Departs at 07:00 PM, All aboard 2 hrs before departure

    Day 2 The Beach Club At Bimini -Arrives at 08:00 AM, local time

    Day 3 Sailing

    Day 4 Sailing

    Day 5 Sailing

    Day 6 Sailing

    Day 7 Sailing

    Day 8 Sailing

    Day 9 Sailing

    Day 10 Sailing

    Day 11 Lisbon -Arrives at 08:30 AM, local time

    Day 12 Sailing

    Day 13 Cadiz -Arrives at 11:00 AM, local time

    Day 14 Sailing

    Day 15 Barcelona -Arrives at 06:30 AM