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A day on board a Virgin Voyage - Rachel's Experience staying in a Central Sea Terrace Cabin 

Get the lowdown on what it's like to stay in a Central Sea Terrace Cabin from our sales manager, Rachel Greenough.

Rachel has recently been on board Valiant Lady where she stayed in a Central Terrace Sea Cabin. This is what she had to say...

"When I first got to my cabin, the first thing I noticed was the refreshed cabin look, the wooden trims and pitch frames gave the room a warmer energy  and most definitely a more sophisticated look and feel compared to my last visit. As soon as we arrived, I used the tablet to check out the mood lighting and wow, this is an incredible feature that I didn't get a chance to use during my last visit. Some of the features include a cinema, photoshoot and hangover mode which most definitely came in handy the next morning (this setting even closed the curtains as well as turning the lights blue). The 24/7 room service and daily water refills also came in handy the morning after the night before."

"My favourite part about staying in a Central Sea Terrace Cabin has got to be the extremely roomy balcony which has a table, chairs and a hammock. A memorable moment for me has got to be chilling in the hammock on the balcony and watching the most incredible sunset."

"The bed is extremely comfy, and not to mention how you can have someone change your bed to a couch with the tap of a finger on your tablet. The TV entertainment was great! It had so many options with many different films and series to choose from. I can't wait to get back on board for my next visit in May."

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