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An important update on November Sailings

As we continue to navigate what’s going on in the world, we’ve made the decision to cancel our November sailings. If you have Sailors booked on these sailings, we’ll be emailing them with this information shortly — so we wanted to give you a heads up to help make this as smooth as possible.

We understand this is disappointing for your Sailors, so we’re offering some of the best cancellation offers out there. If you’d like more specifics on the impacted sailings and our offers, head over to

With years of hard work toward this endeavour and our incredible shareholders passionately behind us, it has never been a matter of if we sail, but rather when. We’re fortunate to have such an incredible group of people backing us who believe deeply in what we’ve built and where we’re going — not just at sea, but as a business and brand. So even though we might all be navigating the unknown right now, we know how exciting the future remains.

And as always, we will protect your commission on paid voyage fares — even if it’s partially paid or if your Sailor chooses to be refunded for a cancelled sailing. We’re so grateful for your continued partnership, and can’t wait to get out to sea with you and your Sailors soon.

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