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An important update on Virgin Voyage Sailings

"As our most important partners, we wanted to update you first about our recent decision to postpone our sailings through October 15th, 2020 — which your Sailors will be notified about on Thursday, May 21. We’ve been working hard to find a way to set sail by August, but that hasn’t turned out to be possible.

We appreciate how many of your Sailors were excited to sail with us, so we understand how disappointing this news is. But we trust you and your Sailors will understand our decision given the evolving global health challenge we’re all up against.

As of right now, our first sailing is planned for October 16th, 2020, and we’ve rescheduled the Richard’s Birthday Bash sailing for July 14th, 2021. This sailing will still be a once in a lifetime experience for us to have fun, while also continuing our tradition of doing business for good.

To make up for these changes, we’re offering the most flexible and fair options out there for your Sailors. For first-time canceled Sailors, we’ll be auto-crediting double the amount they’ve paid to date toward their voyage fare. And if they book their next sailing before June 30th, we’ll give them up to $500 to spend on board. If they’d prefer a refund, you can call or email us anytime between May 21st and December 31st, 2020. Please know that if a Sailor contacts us directly, we will honor their request and you will still be tied to their booking.

For Sailors who have already received the full 200% in Future Voyage Credit, they will get to keep it. But, if they’d prefer, instead of the 200% Future Voyage Credit, we can refund the full paid amount along with a Future Voyage Credit equal to 25% of the paid voyage fare that can be used on a future sailing.

Smooth Sailing Program for 2020

We’d also like to share the news that in June we’re launching our new Smooth Sailing program for 2020. We recognize the difficult economic environment that many people are experiencing, so we’re bringing new introductory pricing to your Sailors — while offering (even more) flexible booking policies.

For sailings through December 16th, 2020, we’re moving final payment dates to 60 days (from 120 days) before they sail, and your Sailors can cancel up to 48 hours before their voyage and receive a 100% voyage credit. We want your Sailors to feel confident about making plans, while knowing that if anything changes, we’re always on their side.

And as part of our Smooth Sailing program, we’re lowering the fares for our RockStar Quarters while making the decision to remove some of the previously offered perks. The world is changing, so we are, too — and we want to make sure that your Sailors can still experience the brilliance and spacious luxury of traveling as a RockStar. Your Sailors, RockStars included, will receive an updated booking confirmation in the next week to reflect these price changes, and we’ll make sure to send you a copy of that communication as well.

We plan to eventually bring prices back up to our premium levels again when things start to turn around for the world. But for now, we’re responding to our shared circumstances and making temporary changes at a time when your Sailors are being careful and considerate about how they plan and what they purchase".

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