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The finer package details

Feeling Tip-sy

We get it, math is hard. With built-in tips, they've been taken care of!

Basic Bevvies

Sailors can stay hydrated with filtered still and sparkling water, non-pressed juices, sodas, teas, or even drip coffee if they need a boost.

Ship Eats

2am cravings? Designed around your Sailors schedule.

Why Alcohol Isn't "All Inclusive"

We'll Let The Data Do The Talking
Virgin Voyages did a lot of research with Sailors to understand what was important to them in terms of inclusions, to create  high quality, high value, luxe, experience:

What Sailors Told Us
They weren't interested in all-inclusive alcohol or unlimited package options. They're looking for high-quality cocktails, wine, and beer at reasonable prices that don't give them sticker shock every time they buy a drink. They don't want to subsidise the drinking habits of fellow Sailors with prices increased to cover inclusive options and packages.

No Drink Packages Here..

Virgin Voyages want Sailors focused on the experience not the free drinks in the dreaded wedding and nightclub "crush".

What Virgin Voyages are Doing For Sailors

Soda and still & sparkling water is included in the voyage fare; no need for these packages. Sailors do not want to be in an atmosphere of unlimited drinking. Sailors won't need to try and calculate how many drinks they need to have per day in order to see "value" in their package, which is often 10+. Virgin isn’t into enforcing rigid rules requiring everyone in a cabin to purchase a package. Don't worry, Virgin Voyages will not inflate the pricing of individual drinks to push people into a package.

Quality & Variety Of Offerings

All beverage programms are tailored to individual restaurants and bars, creating personalities within the overall program to bring authenticity to the Sailor experience.

What Virgin Voyages Are Doing For Sailors

Virgin Voyages won't have generic or no-name alcohol brand options. Name brand alcohol is served from producers on the high end of the segment and engaging boutique selections for unique offerings. The choice stays with the Sailor so they can order what they want when they want it.

Reasonable Drink Pricing

At Virgin Voyages, the combination of exceptional quality combined with great value is a must.

What Virgin Voyages Are Doing For Sailors

The beverage programme will feature the best prices on land and/or at sea, inclusive of gratuity, for the brands offered, and will always offer a single digit option inclusive of gratuity for bubbles, rose, white, red, house spirits and/or beer in every outlet. 70% of wines by the glass are less than $15 versus 59% of the other premium cruise line, 46% of the urban restaurant and 57% of the boutique hotel.