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''There is nothing more important in this world than our oceans, and we're on a mission to protect them and set an example. Success needn't compromise sustainability.''

- Richard Branson


Virgin Voyages greatest aim is for Sailors to have the best time on board while indulging.. minus all the guilt.

So to do that, they've embedded sustainability deeply into both their operations and the Sailor experience itself. Through pioneering innovative and sustainable technologies, banning unnecessary single-use plastics, and thoughtfully sourcing food and retail merchandise- Virgin Voyages are creating Sailor experience that balances the duality of enjoying the earth and caring for it.

Minimising impacts, restoring ocean health and building positive relationships in our communities are all part of Virgin Voyages DNA. Sustainable tech, banning single-use plastics and thoughtfully sourcing food are just some of the ways Virgin Voyages plans to care for, whilst enjoying the planet.

Sustainable at sea

Materials and products used on board have been sourced with sustainability in mind. From repurposing ocean plastic and including upcycled materials in the retail collection, to offering healthy skincare products and reef-safe sunscreen — Creating Sailor experiences that are both luxurious and green.